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In November of 2004, our company built a public school (School # 837, Barrio Belen) for low-income families in the town of Puerto Iguazu. It has four classrooms, and today it has a total enrollment of 260 students (ages 5 to 12). These children previously had been schooled in a church, all in one classroom. Now they can study at their level and have lunch daily, which is an important part of the program provided by the hotel. On a weekly basis, the hotel provides the school with food, building maintenance and repairs.

In April 2008, our organization donated an ambulance to the local hospital which consists of a mobile intensive care unit.

We also donate supplies regularly to Yriapu, the nearby Indian village, the seniorcitizen center in town and a day care center in town as well.

All of these actions show that the organization is dedicated to improving thewelfare of the local community through its health and social actions by forging a close bond with local institutions.
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